It is now centuries since man ventured out to explore the expansive waters that separate different masses of land. From sailing great rivers such as the Mississippi and the Thames to going across sea masses including the Atlantic, boats have always been a handy tool in this venture.

The history of boats is expansive and rich. Boats are the model from which some of the largest and most sophisticated ships were built. It makes sense, thus, that the culture of these famous vessels does not die.

Besides being small and conventional, for cruises that do not involve many travellers, (and being affordable too), boats epitomise the sailing culture like no other vessel could. While rafts and canoes probably existed before boats, they are unlikely to make a claim to fame in today’s world.

Within the boating culture, is to be found thousands and thousands of stories. Stories from captains, pirates, travellers and from people who lived alongside waterways that were travelled by famous boats. Told orally, and by writing, over the years, these stories make for an exciting picture, that evokes all levels of curiosity.

All these stories revolve around boats and portray the endless possibilities that man can achieve while out at sea. They give modern sailors the confidence to go out and conquer the aquatic world in all senses.

In this light then, it undoubtedly makes sense that classic boats are still widely popular to this day. People who love sailing stories view traditional crafts as an opportunity to go back in history and re-live those events. The beauty of classic boats is that they come in a great variety, which allows pretty much everybody to own one.

Whether you have five thousand or half a million dollars, you have the chance to grab yours. And you could decide to build your own classic boat too!