Classic boats are currently the “in thing” among lovers of wind and the open waters. Whether for pure leisure or competitive sailing, boat models from the days of old, are undoubtedly popular in many parts of the country. That said, there is a wide variety of classic boats available for sale, on different platforms.

This is a guide to picking the best boat to suit your needs.

First up, it is necessary to list the defining factors that determine the type of boat that you buy. The most important factors include:

  • Budget: How much are you willing to fork out to own a boat?
  • Purpose: What do you intend to use the boat for? Is it for personal fun cruises, commercial hiring or racing purposes? Each intended use will require a different type of vessel.

Classic boats go for anywhere between $5000 and $500000. The prices could even go higher. That is undoubtedly one striking price disparity right there. Size is usually a significant determinant of boat prices, but it is not the only factor.

Remember, we are talking about classics here. The value of a boat also depends on the importance attached to it, either because of the model’s history, or what the riders achieved aboard its decks. Do not be surprised, thus, to see a small boat costing much more than a bigger one.

  • $5000 to 50000: Best boats include the Putt-Putt, Classic Day Sailer and Classic Yacht, Classic Cutter and Kauri Timber Yacht
  • $50000 to 200000: Timber Motor Sailer
  • $200000 and above: Huon Pine Cutter, Classic Custom

Race boats are generally small in size. Cruise boats are medium-sized, as they emphasise on comfort, even when they have few people on board. Boats offering classic commercial cruises are the largest, to accommodate larger crews and passengers.

The price of boats in this category is defined mainly by size, but the art aspect still applies.