Classic boats have for a while now been a way to show off in the modern age. And boy, aren’t they a cool possession to have! Well, not everyone can afford to get one, but renting one is not so far out of reach.

Additionally, people can always enjoy watching a classic boat race. The competition out on the water is just as picturesque as the boats themselves. Here are a few classic boat races which can be enjoyed in different places across the world.

PIC Coastal Classic Race

This is a race that is held in New Zealand. The most recent edition took place on October 25, 2019. A new record was set during this race. The New Zealand Multihull Yacht Club; organise the competition and is always looking for new ways to make it more interesting.

Monaco Classic Week

There are many reasons to love Monaco; the classic week of boat racing is an additional one. The beautiful French city organises the race every two years and sources sponsorship, with 2019 marking the 14th edition of the week-long event. Puritan won the most recent event which ran for four days from September 11. It would be wise to arrange a trip to Monaco to coincide with this exciting event.

Cowes Classics Week

This is another thrilling experience organised by the Royal London Yacht Club. It has a lot of hype, and it is fair to say that it lives up to it. The 2019 event took place between July 27 and August 2.

Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta

This list would not be complete without mentioning the Antiqua Classic. The race is one of the renowned, bringing together around 60 boats in different racing categories. The competition takes place over four days.

Race enthusiasts who cannot make it to these venues could always enjoy the action on television.