Boat races are exciting events that continue to attract thousands of people by the shores eager to catch a glimpse of the action. These races attract diverse demographics such as school-going children, youthful spectators and the veteran show-goers. For race organisers, these present great opportunities to rope in sponsors from the corporates, family businesses and philanthropists. It is, however, worth noting that sponsorships elicit a mixed reaction from different quarters.

A section of boat racing enthusiasts believe that attracting a sponsor waters down the essence of the competition. Yet for others, sponsorships take boat racing to the next level by helping attract serious racers, faster boats and much needed financial assistance. For race organisers seeking to get these sponsorships, here are some tips to help you succeed.

Introduce a Calendar Event

Race organisers will be well advised to have a calendar of racing events slotted for a particular time of the year. Sponsors will cherish getting on board for such regular events rather than one-off events that may not bring much value to them. Moreover, regular events will be easily factored in the sponsor’s annual budget. Seeking a sponsor midstream may not be successful as the budgeting period or financial year is already underway.

Draft Bankable Proposals

Sponsors will know of a boat racing event in the vicinity but may not be overly enthusiastic about plunging in. It is the race organiser’s responsibility to approach them with a well-articulated proposal for due consideration. In the proposal, the drafter needs to show clearly why and how the sponsor will benefit, for instance, by having their billboards and banners displayed or having the products sold at the venue.

Align Your Goals

As you look for sponsors, it is important to have them aligned to your boat race activities. Some sponsorship might try to bulldoze you and get you off track with their demands. Keep in mind the race objectives, racer’s welfare and fan’s concerns.