Boat races are becoming increasingly popular in Australia and across the world. In the US, for example, it is reported that up to 70000 people attend boat races in Kennewick every year.

With such considerable audiences in the outdoors, it is inevitable that businesses will come knocking on the race organisers’ doors, seeking to be associated with the events through sponsorship. Organisers have embraced this chance to make extra money, but the reactions to this have been mixed.

Some people argue that sponsorship is a good thing, as it will help in organising better competitions, that have bigger prizes, and attract the best boat riders. Those against the culture, argue that sponsorship is going to dilute the racing culture by introducing new restrictions. Both sides have a point, but the argument for sponsorship appears much stronger. Here are two reasons why this is.

While sponsors will attach some conditions to their support, they are well aware that it is the racing culture that keeps people interested, and will thus want to retain that. Their advertisements will be visible to the racegoers, and thus help them sell their products to a more significant number of people.

Race organisers, on the other hand, get more funds to plan better events. More competitors are able to participate and access better boats, winners get more lucrative awards than before, and spectator areas get much-welcome facelifts.

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An increased competitor pool is also an advantage for boat sellers, as they get to record more sales.

As classic as boat races are, they will need to adopt a certain degree of modernity to keep the young crowd interested. This way, the boat racing culture is kept alive across generations.